Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Creating a Marketing Calendar for Your Business

by Michelle Hill-Smith

Want to target your most specific needs as it pertains to your marketing? Want to reach your target market with targeted marketing?
How do you expect to do that without first created a targeted plan and a calendar to help you execute it...successfully and consistently?

Listen up.
If I didn't take the time to develop a marketing calendar for my business, I don't think I would have been able to win with my business. There was no way possible that I could have keep sporadically creating content, playing the guessing game of when to post, or anything else that was stealing some of the most valuable time away from me. 
Everyone dreads marketing unless you're this marketing guru that loves it. However, when it comes to reaching new customers, keeping the current ones interested and signaling the specific target customers, creating a marketing calendar will be the key. 
A marketing calendar is most effective if it is used to specifically spell out individual promotions or events. Most businesses create a calendar based off of the type of platform they use such as Social Media, Direct Marketing or Pay-per click. I personally found that social media is most effective for my business. Therefore, I've created my plan and calendar based off of that. You can include the cost in your specific calendar as well. I don't as none of my advertising efforts are paid.
Using a calendar helps your focus and allows you to not only have a look at the investment involved but it also allows you to crystallize the results in your marketing program. By monitoring your stats via Google Analytics or Hootesuite stats, you will be able to see the effects of your efforts in plan sight. 
Here's how we use a marketing calendar at OnTask Assistants:

Be sure to try this out for your own business. Commit below to let me know how it works out and what you're using a marketing calendar for!

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